About AvoColor®

AvoColor® is the initial product offering of Persea Naturals LLC.

AvoColor® is a potential yellow-orange-red food color additive that addresses the growing needs of food manufacturers for natural food colors.

The various hues of AvoColor® cover a significant percentage of the color needs of the food industry.  The company is also testing the ability of the product to produce brown caramel colors.

AvoColor® has performed well in its initial testing, demonstrating stability to temperature, acid, light, and oxygen exposure, water solubility, and no impact on aroma and taste.

Persea Naturals expects to manufacture AvoColor® in a concentrated liquid and dry forms for sale to existing color suppliers for inclusion in their palate of colors.

AvoColor® benefits from its utilization of source material – avocado seeds – that have limited alternative uses.

Characteristics of AvoColor®:

  • AvoColor® is water-soluble so doesn’t require emulsifiers for water-based applications.
  • AvoColor® is stable over a wide range of temperatures, pH, and water activities – making it suitable for use in a wide variety of food products.
  • AvoColor® is clear and vibrant – making it ideal for beverage applications.
  • AvoColor® is stable to light and oxygen exposure, and has no impact on taste or aroma.

AvoColor® is being developed as a product to meet the needs of a color additive market that is expected to exceed $2.3bn in 2020.

Example of the Color Range of AvoColor®

AvoColor color spectrum

AvoColor® in a Gummy Candy

AvoColor gummies
AvoColor soda

AvoColor® Chips

AvoColor chips